Who’s Dirk?

What is the story behind myself, Scott Asher, and “Dirk McFergus”?

Dirk and I are best friends who love to share creative money-making ideas with each other. One day, I told Dirk about the storage auctions business, and it was as if a light went off in Dirk’s head.

Before telling Dirk about the storage auction business, I had been buying storage units at auction for about 1-2 years.  After about 1-2 years, I had started to really lose interest in buying storage units, but the stories about what happens at the storage auction are always interesting to share with people.  Friends of mine started to ask questions about how I got all this stuff, and my house had become a popular stop for friends and relatives to come by and shop for second-hand goods. Despite this, after a couple years, I was sick of moving all the contents of the storage units all over the place. I told Dirk about storage auctions, gave him a few basic tips, and less than a week later he had purchased his first storage unit at auction. I was interested to see what was going to happen with Dirk’s experience. I had told a few other friends about the storage auctions, but it was clear they really weren’t intrigued by the idea. But Dirk, being a goddamn uber-genius, saw the money-making potential of this idea. I found that Dirk’s storage auction experience was much different than mine. It was fun to compare notes and share stories when we had time.

Scott R. Asher’s storage auction unit experience has led to making storage auction related websites, but the traffic had been rather weak. Another interesting twist to this story, it was Dirk’s idea to make the first storage auction finder service/website and my first thoughts was the traffic would not be there, and it would be hard to really get enough people to subscribe to the website to make it worth my wild. Besides once you find the auction listing, you would never pay for them again.

As a matter of fact, the website was annoying to update and I ended up selling the website to some guy in Las Vegas for $300.  Dirk, at around the same time, had written a book about his experience with buying storage units. In 2008, Dirk wrote a book called From Garage Sale To Financial Freedom In Five Steps, basically a book about his storage auction experience, that is currently rated five stars on Amazon.

Now flash forward about three years later. I was watching TV and I saw an advertisement for three new storage auction TV shows coming in a few months. At that time I had some storage auction information published on the web and started to expand on it on this blog but most of it was unorganized. I went to back to edit and update the information as I knew the TV shows would spark interest in the storage auction business.

The storage auction business has grown and evolved over time. Apparently, the idea was catching on and the business was growing. In my recent talk with Dirk, we agreed that we might have seen the last days of the auctions where just 1 or 2 people showed up and scored thousands of dollars of merchandise for just a few bucks. The popularity of storage unit auctions means auctions are now packed and bidding prices have raised.

But Dirk and I are keeping up with the current storage auction business. Dirk recently released a follow up book about buying storage auctions. You can buy the book for just $.99 here, and the information in it can make you hundreds at storage auctions. If you would like to get Dirk’s book and read about his storage auction experience, please see the advertisement in the sidebar. It is very reasonable priced, and it would undoubtedly help you succeed in the storage auction business. And another thing I like about Dirk’s book, is that it is self-published. That means a large portion of the money that you pay for the book goes directly to Dirk and his wonderful wife. I really enjoy my friendship with Dirk; he is a very talented writer and an amazing person who really sees the value in being spiritually rich.