Here are some quick and easy tips for buying storage units at auction, that will help you make even more money.

Random storage auction tips, that help you make more money at the auction:

  • Bring at least 2-3 pad-locks for the units you may buy. Always keep some extras in case you end up buying more than expected.
  • Bring a flash light so you have a better view of what is inside the storage unit.
  • Climate-controlled storage units often times have higher quality items inside them, items that might be sensitive to excessive heat or cold. So try to bid for climate-controlled units to maximize the profits on your bid.
  • Be prepared to sell all the household items you win at auction. Stockpile all your personal Christmas and other seasonal items to sell during the season and make even more money!
  • Call the day of the auction to confirm, because the owner of the unit has until the start of the auction to bring the current storage units.
  • Some storage facilities charge a deposit until the unit is cleaned out. Confirm the amount of this deposit before the auction. Most of the time this is $25.00-$100.00.
  • Be ready to remove all items from the unit. If you don’t have a truck, you might want to line up a rental truck.
  • Never overpay. Speculators often over-bid on units, pushing up the price. Beware when the bid goes too high and back out. Paying too much for a unit costs you money and time.