The best place to pick items for resale may no longer be in the US, but it maybe closer than you think!

I have found the best flea market on earth! It is truly picker  heaven, you can pick all day make money all night, you can never run out of items to buy! In the USA is has become so popular to buy secondhand for resale that shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers has really driven up the cost on second hand goods market. eBay has supported this in a way, allowing people to touch anything from almost region! In Mexico I have hit the motherload in terms of untapped picking territory here in Tijuana Mexico.  I have the pics to prove it! 1-2 redline Hot Wheels, you can live for 6 months down here. 🙂  Don’t waste your time in Las Americas Premium Outlets. The real deals are still in Tijuana.  

IMG_0234   IMG_0236   IMG_0240 Also you can bring stuff to sell in Tijuana but this info will have it’s own post! So what have I found in Tijuana Mexico? Toys like hotwheels and Star Wars, collectibles, high-end makeup like MAC cosmetics, in Mexico you can find almost anything, you name it’s here! WP_20130913_001 flea markets / swapmeets / garage sales and fun places to pick near and around the US / Mexico boarder like: Zona Norte, Solar, Playas, Rosarito, Ensenada and in and around the boarder area. I am offering 7 day picking guided tour around Tijuana for $1000.00 This cost covers

  • a safe place to stay while in Mexico
  • transportation/gas
  • 7 full days of picking
  • boarder crossing help