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Free information – How to find storage auctions in your area

When a storage facility is going to hold an auction for a storage unit in default, they must publish it and the information is free for everyone to review. It is is required by law for the storage facility to be able to auction someone’s unclaimed storage unit.

Does it feel like all this “storage auction” mumbo- jumbo is some sort of closely held secret? Well it’s not! The Storage Facility wants you to show up and buy a unit. The storage unit is going to the highest bidder. If that means selling it for two dollars or twenty thousand dollars, more people always means more money!

The number one question I receive – “Where do you find storage auctions?” It is simple really; the best way to find storage unit auctions is to search online or in the classified section of your local newspaper.

Please note: If you don’t find any storage auction listings, this usually means auctions are not currently scheduled in your area. But keep on the lookout because they may be scheduled soon. Still can’t find a Storage Auction? Then you may want to look to local shopper guides, or smaller local publications. The reason for this is, due higher publishing cost the Storage Unit Facility Owners will use smaller publications to save money. Remember some units will be sold for just  five dollars, and even if they are sold for a few hundred dollars this will only cover a fraction of the lost rental dues, administrative cost so storage unit facility owners don’t want to spend too much money advertising auctions.

Here is an example of the legal notice area of the Las Vegas (online) newspaper as an example: http://www.legalnotice.org/pl/reviewjournal/landing1.aspx

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