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First Question from the bag – What do I do with all this stuff?

The first question comes from Mary F., Chicago, Ill.

Dear Dirk,

I’m quite upset with you.  My husband bought your book and purchased two storage unit auctions, against my better judgment.  Now, we have a house full of stuff and although he’s sold some of it, I can’t stand my house looking like a junk yard.  My husband acts like he has gold fever and is ready to buy more.  What should I do?


Mary, I’m glad your husband read my book, did you read it?  I explained several ways to move the merchandise once you bring it home.  I assume you held a garage sale since that’s the best way to move a house full of merchandise.  Here’s a couple of more suggestions to unload large quantities of merchandise if you’re not willing to sell individual pieces.  Look in the phone book for auction houses in Chicago, there should be several.  Go see a couple of these auctions and you’ll see that you can create box lots with many items.  Box lots are a great way to make some money and get rid of the stuff around your house.  Another suggestion would be to load a truck full of items and take to your local swap meet.  If you really just want to get rid of the stuff, load it up and take it to your favorite charity and get the receipt – you can deduct at least $500 from your taxes.  If you don’t want to be bothered loading it up, put an ad on craigslist under the free section and watch people back up their trucks and haul everything away.

I’m sorry you’re upset with your husband but you should consider reading the book and working with him as a team.  Two heads are always better than one when it comes to selling your house full of merchandise.  It takes constant energy to list and sell.  If you don’t want to do it, you should just tell him you don’t like that.  If he doesn’t understand your desires maybe you guys should seek marriage counseling.

Good luck!

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How I moved my storage auction goods

One thing I feel was most important about part of buying auction units, was saving money when transporting  your items.

So much money can be lost when moving items. I found that having a trailer allowed me move items quickly and easily. Truck rentals like Uhaul can add hundred of dollars in extra cost to overcome, a trailer cost me almost nothing.

storage auction trailer

Fun Fact: The trailer was a old bumper pull travel trailer, that I cut off the top and paid $35.00 dollars for @ auction.

Hiring people

After buying a few storage units, your thoughts should start going towards expanding this little slice of heaven. Besides, who doesn’t want more of a good thing? I know I did, it happens to everyone. Most get that look in their eyes and the questions start coming!

But don’t forget this is not light work. After buying a few units, all you are thinking about is how much MORE money you can make and if I could only PURCHASE-MORE units! I talked to many people about larger scale buying in more storage units.  As a matter of fact, after telling a friend of mine, it was less than a week until he started buying storage units on his own. It was interesting to watch, the different things he got out of the storage lockers versus what I got, and a birds eyes-view at what he sold many of his items for. It was really something to watch. Even though I dabbled out of curiosity while my friend was going full blast in front of my eyes, I was burned out. I was burned out on moving more than anything, even to this day I really-really hate moving. I moved most of the stuff by myself, even to this day I feel like I have been scared from the moving experience. But looking at all my friends stuff, it was almost to much to stand to see my friend making money doing something I somehow felt I had personally crafted, to some extent.

Fun fact – My friend sold on eBay and also stopped buying units too. I quit selling on eBay because of increased high fees and poor development direction I felt eBay was going.  Even today as I look around eBay something is missing, the organic sellers that were the back bone of eBay have almost seemed to disappear. But my point was his feed back number is almost the same as mine. I think he sold online a little longer than I did. I stared looking at the overall-cost of dealing with eBay, labor, shipping, Paypal fees and it didn’t look good. I guess more than anything I was amazed how our paths seemed very close, silly thought…

Hiring people can be hard, this is why many team up. For one thing – when you buy one of these storage units you have no idea what is inside, so if you never see an item, how do you know if its missing?

There are many things that can be lifted, gold for example. I would say 90 out of 100 units I found some type of gold, even if it is just scrap or a gold chain, 10 -20 units it adds up fast! And again it is hard work, I guess I bring this up again because it is! You never know what you will be moving or cleaning up and that poses some interesting challenges. What do you pay for that? If you buy a unit for $100.00, after gas and moving, all said and done, if you make… let say $200-$300 bucks, it really doesn’t leave much room for payroll.