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How to Make an Extra $200-$300 per Month with your Ebay Account

If you’re already selling on eBay or thinking about selling on eBay, with very little effort on your part, you can easily make an extra $200-$300 or more per month by this method. If you’re like most people, you have hundreds or thousands of books, video games, CD’s and DVD’s that are just collecting dust in your house. Of course you could just list them on ebay but that would mean listing fees and significant effort on your part. Consider selling them on Half.com – an eBay marketplace for books, cd’s, video games, dvd’s and books. If you already have an eBay account, you automatically have a half.com account. Go to the website, half.com and click on sell my stuff. You’ll have to fill out some information but it’s easy and free.

Here’s the best reasons to use half instead of ebay.
1. No listing fees.
2. Half collects the money and direct deposits to your bank account bi-weekly.
3. No photographs necessary – you input the barcode information and it supplies all information necessary except for quality.
4. Shipping cost is paid by buyer and all items are considered “media mail”.
5. Buyers leave you feedback which helps your eBay account.
6. Half supplies you with sales data regarding how much any item sells for within its market – so pricing is easy.
7. Buyers post items they want so you can sell immediately.
8. You get an email telling you an item is sold and click and print a label right from your email and place in your outgoing mail.

Your biggest expenditure of time and effort is initially in listing your catalog of items. You can manually type the UPC code which is on every book, cd, dvd and video game or, to save time you can scan the barcode. I recommend you get an inexpensive barcode scanner like we use in our business:

You will start getting emails immediately that items sell. Simply print a label and have some bubble mailers from Uline to stick the items in and they’re off and your ebay feedback will start to quickly escalate (which translates to better sales on your regular ebay items – power seller status – bigger final value fee discounts and all the benefits of colored stars – yay!).

To keep the ball rolling and increase your sales potential, look on craigslist, garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets for cheap books, dvd’s cd’s and video games to list. If you’re buying storage auctions like I have consistently suggested you probably have a garage full of these items already. You’ll make 4 to 5 times the amount per sale from half.com transactions than at your garage sale or flea market and shipping is easier than making pie. The barcode scanner will save you a massive amount of time because half will allow you to enter multiple items and it’s as easy as clicking a button to list 20 items at a time.

The big ticket items on half are textbooks. You can find them at thrift stores for $1-$2 and sell them on half for just under the msrp. Students are clued in to half and would rather pay a half seller than the campus used bookstore.

If you’re all about making money – and why would you be reading here if you’re not – check out the opportunity to make more with less effort on half.com.

Selling auction goods on Craigslist – 100% free eBook

While I was buying storage units at auction, I told a friend of mine what I was doing. Jeff was excited about the  project and started buying his own storage units almost immediately. After a few months we worked on a book about selling stuff on Craigslist and had plans of making a website to sell it.

I don’t personally want to speak for Jeff success, but I think I can safely say neither one of us made a million selling on Craigslist. We did however have some short-term success, an some very interesting results and decided to write a book about it.

Jeff McCune esq. a God-Damn Uber-Genius, and  “ME” owner of this website “Scott Asher”, venture capital entrepreneur celebrated for three days on a book we at one time hope to sell on a website I was making.  About how to make money selling on almost anything on Craigslist. Here it is for free, for your viewing pleasure.

How I Made A Million on Craigslist