Storage Auction Texas -guest blogger

I’ve recently watched the show on A& E and it’s very interesting. It’s about auctioneers that travel out to self storage units in the state of Texas to buy out abandoned storage units or units that were not paid for and the items inside are then up for auction.

This is when the show gets interesting because there are many of them that stand out in the show as the characters whom in real life, do this for a living. They have a window of just five minutes when the unit is open to look and figure out if the unit is worth biding for, and all sales are final. They also have to pay cash for the unit on site.

The biding gets grueling at times between the cast of the show. They’re all looking for that “good finding” which can be any valuables that are in the units and can even sometimes double or even triple the amount they bought the unit for. Its more like a treasure hunt, sometimes you can find collector’s items like, baseball memorabilia, swords, jewelry, paintings, art, vintage posters, boats, cars, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

The show gives you an insight to understanding that you have to have a knack for what you’re biding and buying. It’s more like a gamble because sometimes you may end up buying a unit which they pay hundreds of dollars trying to out bid the other person, only to get it and end up with just left garbage in a unit.

Bidders in this show have what it takes to find some good units at times and sometimes they bust, which makes the show interesting. You can also see what will they stumble upon when they spend their money purchasing a self storage unit, that no one knows what’s in it.

Storage Wars of Texas also has a comedic side to it. This is due to the cast with different attitudes and some flamboyant characters who although are rivals when biding, still have a somewhat kind of “versus friendship” trying to see who will come on top on each bidding.

There’s Ricky & Bubba, two big country boys who are surely at every auction looking for good findings and a hilarious team to watch with their “git’er done!” and redneck-ish attitudes.

Lesa & Jerry. Lesa loves to challenge the boys and is not scared to outbid the big boys hopefully with out giving her side kick a heart attack by spending too much money, She also wants to keep everything for her own shop or herself, instead of selling it and making a profit.

Moe, who use to be some kind of doctor. He is like the weird clown of them all, with his apparel and strange love for wood. If there’s furniture and it’s made out of wood he is all in it to win it. He is fun to watch also.

Then there is Victor whom likes to immediately intimidate the others with his biddings. Trying to buy out as many units as he can for his own, he will battle with anyone who stands in his way.

This show will keep you tuned in every week to see what they will come across in a unit next. The treasures are amazing and worth the battles which makes the show’s name Storage Wars.