Quit buying storage units!

Yuuup! Everyone is in the business of making a lucrative salary these days. With the success shown on A& E’s hit television show Storage wars, one persons trash has never before been so much of a treasure to the next person. This is also clearly seen on the television show with the wads of cash spotlights throughout many of the episodes.

While, this can be lucrative, it is not always consistent. Often times, the bids go extremely high with no more than a quick look into a piled up unit. This can often times be costly when nothing of value is found in a unit. It is important to remember that these guys have been in this business for quite some time and can see the value of random items within seconds on any particular item. This makes a large difference in their profits. They know what to look for and their profit versus output ratio when bidding, etc.

For someone who is just starting or someone who has been in the business but finds themselves in what some may call a slump, don’t freight you have other options and areas that could be lucrative to your business. Garage sales are the perfect playground for pickers. Not only can your find tons of treasures that are worth something, you don’t have to buy up everything to get those few items of value. This can help your over head cost tremendously.

Let’s take a quick look at what it takes to buy storage units versus garage sale hunting.

With storage units, you have to buy an entire unit; good, bad or ugly. Garage sales, you don’t. You simply find your wanted items and then move on.
Storage unit purchases will require man power. You are talking about a ton of stuff here and some that you may just want to trash. With garage sales, you only walk away with items that you wanted to purchase.

If you decide you do not want anything or only some of the items in the storage unit purchased, you have to find a way to discard all unwanted items. This usually entails a decent expense on the buyers end. He has to pay to have it hauled or a dumpster brought in, loaded and then carried away. A garage sale, you simply walk away with only wanted items.

Items that you do intend to keep from a storage unit have to be hauled as well. This can very well happen at a garage sale too but, you find yourself less pressed for time and man power at garage sales. You may come across some pretty large items at garage sales but, you can better plan or arrange pick up, etc with a home owner; storage units must be cleaned out within a certain amount of time. This means, if you are just beginning in the storage unit auctions, you may not already have a truck. It could get pretty costly to rent one and not know for sure that you will need it. This could eat away your profit.

Again, if you are just starting out or have been in this business for quite some time, garage sales could be a lucrative outlet for your business. Garage sales are also a great place to get an even better deal. Many homeowner’s who host garage sales, rarely know the true value of their merchandise. You could find some great deals that are worth a ton. Family heirlooms that are to some an eye sore but to others they can see the true monetary value in the items. This could help you make a killing on your hunt. Also, for those auctioneers and pickers looking to keep their inventory low, garage sales are perfect. You can just scout the items that you are looking for and walk away. You are not left with materials that you can only hope to sell in the near future. Inventory choices will vary by location of garage sale.

There are many great benefits to your overall cost of operating your business by hunting at garage sales. Weigh your options and analyze your potential costs prior to heading out to auctions, etc; you may just be surprised as to how much money and time you can save shopping at garage sales.