How To Buy Storage Units – Do You Know The Storage Auctions Oath?

In this article, I’d like to talk a little bit how doctors relate to storage auctions.

You see, doctors have an oath they take when they become a doctor – it’s called the Hippocratic Oath.

The Hippocratic Oath is very simple:

First, do no harm…

In other words, if a doctor arrives at an accident scene, and there are people lying around and they’re hurt and they’re in terrible shape, the Number 1 rule for that doctor is to not do any harm. In other words – do not make the situation worse for the injured people on the ground.

And so I have a similar oath for Storage Auction Buying, and it’s equally simple! It is:

First, lose no money…

So, when you arrive on the scene at a storage auction, the Number 1 goal and the Number 1 rule is to not lose money. You want to play your cards “close to the vest” and you want to be very conservative and very careful with how you invest your money at the auction.

Now this flies in the face of what you might see on TV, because on TV, they make everything dramatic, and interesting and really exciting right?

But the truth is most storage units are not million dollar units. Most storage units are not going to make you 20, 30, 50 thousand dollars. Now the average good unit (if you choose it right) will make you 2, 3, 5 thousand dollars, and the above average units will do even better than that.

So the Number 1 goal is to be careful, be conservative with the units that you buy!

Don’t buy junk units… Take your time… Sift and sort the units that you do buy and be careful.

Now if you want more storage auction information, I’d love to share it with you.

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