How much money do you need to get started buying storage units at auction?

The total amount needed to invest can vary between $10.00 & $700.00 on average, but it can go even higher on any storage unit being auctioned. You never know what is behind the door or who is going to show up. It is hard to pinpoint the amount of money to take with you, so it is best to bring the maximum amount of money your are willing to spend (or lose) on the project. Buying storage units can be risky business, so it is best to sit back an watch till you feel comfortable.

HELP TIP: From my experience, about 80% of storage units auctioned end at a final value of $100.oo-$300.oo. Some storage facilities require a $25-$100 deposit to assure them that you will have the contents cleared out and return the unit in rent-able condition within 24 hours after the auction. And don’t forget to bring your own lock!

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