Dirk McFergus goes to war!

I was talking to Dirk yesterday and he vowed to take these guys down whatever the cost!

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your prompt response to DMCA Infringement Notice, however I must further comment. Wow, quite a little scam you’re running. “We DO NOT host any files on our servers – they’re on someone else’s server – go find them and good luck – HA HA HA!” 667,000 or so members at $5 a month is a mere $3.3 million per month and anyone looking at the files “promoted on (your) website” can see they’re copyright protected, ie the film “Alice in Wonderland,”Gorillaz, Plastic Beach,” and the video game “Call of Duty, World at War,” three titles that show up for download along side your DMCA page. Oh you must just laugh every day at the fact that your site, for all intents and purpose is facilitating the infringement of multiple copyright holders for your company’s benefit. Additionally, it must seem hilarious that anyone claiming copyright infringement has to pay you to take down copyright from “filesharers,” the real bad guys (not Share Master!) because the person claiming infringement cannot determine the location of the infringing file particularly since the files available for download all begin with the top level domain “download-file.net”.

So here’s my offer to you since I believe your claim that you DO NOT host files on your servers but you DO promote those infringing files within your search engine. Remove all instances of my work, “From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps,” from your search engine or I will be involving a lawyer and contacting every company with a potential copyright infringement claim to begin a class action suit against your company. I’m sure there’s a federal court judge who would just love to hear about your profits from “promoting” copyright infringement and how the infringement is really from the users.

Have a great day,
Dirk McFergus

More coming soon, I promise you!