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Storage Wars

Premiering in 2010, Storage Wars is a non-fiction television series found on the cable TV Network, A&E. On the program, auctioneer Dan Dotson sells the contents of storage lockers that go unpaid in California for three months. Bargain hunters on the auction show include Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Jarod Shultz, Darrel Sheets and Jarrod Shulz. The professional buyers are only allowed five minutes to inspect the contents of the storage units and they can’t enter the units when the door opens. These buyers can only stand from the outside and peer in. Winners bidders in the auction hope to make a profit on the items found within the storage unit.

While the program primarily takes place in Southern California, two episodes from Season One of Storage Wars were filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. These episodes were among the most popular. One TV critic called the show “strangely uplifting”.

The first episode of the series brought in 2.1 million audience members. This achievement led the show to become A&E’s number one rated reality TV program in 2010. Because of its success, A&E renewed Storage Wars for another season. You may think a TV program about storage auctions cannot sustain itself, but the program has been praised for its superb storytelling and unforgettable character development. These accolades have led the show to surpass other popular TV programs in viewership for the same timeslot on the same day that Storage Wars airs.

Some may think the contents of the storage units are faked to increase the dramatic emotion of the auctions depicted. But, producers say there isn’t any staging involved. The contents of the units are uncovered as is and are completely genuine.

Others may wonder if making money is really possible with storage auctions. Look at these numbers. Dave Hester spent $750 dollars on the contents of one storage unit in one episode of Storage Wars and made a profit of $89,250. On another episode, Hester spent $1,800 for the contents of a storage unit and made a profit of $9,203.

Unless you think Dave Hester is the only one, check out these success stories. Jarrod Shulz and Brandi Passanti paid $1,700 on the contents of one unit and they made a profit of $12,800. Darrell Sheets spent $400 and made $5,832 profit. Barry Weiss spent $340 and made a profit of $9,000.

Three out of four of these teams had losses on some purchases, but over the course of the entire season, every one of them earned a profit by re-selling the contents of the units in the storage bins they won in auction. The least successful profit earned for every dollar spent is $2.86. Making money with storage auction is easy if you have a keen intuition on what might sell in the storage bin you are looking at, and then you have to have good business sense to turn a profit on what you are selling.