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Meet Scott’s best picking buddy Dirk!

An excerpt from the kindle book Winning Storage Auction Strategies, by Dirk and Susan McFergus:

An excerpt from the kindle book Winning Storage Auction Strategies, by Dirk and Susan McFergus:

The Phantom Bidder
I was attending every auction that summer and without fail, Pig was there outbidding me on every unit.  I noticed that he only seemed interested in the units I was bidding on.  I had passed on hundreds of units and when I found one I wanted, Pig was determined to outbid me at any cost and it frustrated me to no end.  After a couple weeks of this situation, I came up with an idea.  It was possible, I thought that it didn’t have anything to do with me but there was only one way to find out.  I had to make him think I wasn’t bidding.  My solution was fairly simple.  I invited a friend to attend the auctions to bid for me.  The catch was we couldn’t speak at the auctions and for all intents and purposes had to appear as if we were complete strangers.  My friend was willing and the next auction we arrived in different cars and didn’t even make eye contact while at the auction.  I had given him $3000 in cash to bid with and when I found a unit I wanted, I texted him my highest bid.  To my surprise, Pig acted completely indifferent to the unit and I got it well under what I had been paying in previous weeks.  My phantom bidder put the lock on the unit, paid the bill and handed me the key.  Sometimes in the storage auction business, you have to overcome certain obstacles and the Phantom Bidder is just one way to keep an appearance of being uninterested.

Dirk McFergus goes to war!

I was talking to Dirk yesterday and he vowed to take these guys down whatever the cost!

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your prompt response to DMCA Infringement Notice, however I must further comment. Wow, quite a little scam you’re running. “We DO NOT host any files on our servers – they’re on someone else’s server – go find them and good luck – HA HA HA!” 667,000 or so members at $5 a month is a mere $3.3 million per month and anyone looking at the files “promoted on (your) website” can see they’re copyright protected, ie the film “Alice in Wonderland,”Gorillaz, Plastic Beach,” and the video game “Call of Duty, World at War,” three titles that show up for download along side your DMCA page. Oh you must just laugh every day at the fact that your site, for all intents and purpose is facilitating the infringement of multiple copyright holders for your company’s benefit. Additionally, it must seem hilarious that anyone claiming copyright infringement has to pay you to take down copyright from “filesharers,” the real bad guys (not Share Master!) because the person claiming infringement cannot determine the location of the infringing file particularly since the files available for download all begin with the top level domain “”.

So here’s my offer to you since I believe your claim that you DO NOT host files on your servers but you DO promote those infringing files within your search engine. Remove all instances of my work, “From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps,” from your search engine or I will be involving a lawyer and contacting every company with a potential copyright infringement claim to begin a class action suit against your company. I’m sure there’s a federal court judge who would just love to hear about your profits from “promoting” copyright infringement and how the infringement is really from the users.

Have a great day,
Dirk McFergus

More coming soon, I promise you!

Making money from the misfortune of others?

Question from Anne G. in Hawaii:

A friend gave me your book and I gave it a quick read. It sounds like you’re suggesting people to prey upon the misfortune of others to find stuff to sell? (Hateful rant omitted.)


Anne, thank you for your question. I get asked this one a lot. It is true that much of the merchandise I have sold came from people who were in financial distress. One way to look at this is you’re either predator or prey. You either eat or get eaten. Now, this is not such a pleasant way to look at things so I choose to look at it as follows:

There many, many reasons that a may become in a weak financial position; loss of a job, excessive debt, gambling, drinking/drugs, divorce, imprisonment and death. I have found evidence of these personal problems in some of the delinquent storage units I have purchased at auction. I didn’t have anything to do with the person failing to pay their rent on their stored goods. In fact, when I show up to an auction and the auctioneer tells us that several of the people paid their delinquent rent, I cheer them. I think people should pay the rent to save their stuff if it has value to them. Why would they have put it in storage otherwise? If everyone would just pay their rent there would never be a storage unit auction. But for whatever reason, some people don’t pay their rent and the auction goes forward. When I buy it, I move it out of the storage facility so the facility can rent the space – furthering commerce. I clean it and sell it, recycling if you will. So you could say that I’m performing a service which furthers economic growth. I think of it as a green business.

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How do I start buying storage units with no money?

Question from Benjamin in Atlanta:

Dirk, I found you from your friend That picked up your book. I like the idea of buying a storage unit auction and I’ve seen that there are several around Atlanta. I lost my job, my house is being foreclosed and I can’t rub two nickels together right now. How can I get started in the storage auction business?
Thanks in advance,
Benjamin T., Atlanta


Benjamin, Jared’s a good kid and I’m glad you found his website. Maybe you should ask him how to make some money because he’s making it hand over fist with his internet project. But since you asked me, I’ll give you a straight answer. I don’t know how many times somebody has whined to me that they don’t have any money to buy a storage auction. Holy crap balls dude, how about selling your stuff? Have you had a garage sale lately? In my book, I recommend that someone starting this sell their personal possessions, a) to raise the CASH to buy at auction and b) to begin learning the value of second hand possessions. How do you think you’re going to know what to buy at auction if you don’t know what someone is willing to pay you for the stuff? I’m not trying to be hard on you but you’ve got to use some common sense. You can get paid to be in a medical experiment, you can sell your plasma, you can get cash for donating your sperm. Try cashing in all the coins you find laying around. Drive around your neighborhood on trash day and look for things people are throwing away that you can sell. Put an ad on craigslist that you’ll haul away people’s junk. There’s ten million ways you can make a few hundred dollars in cash that you can parlay into a storage auction. Oh, you will find more ideas in my book From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps and you can pick up some tips on auctions from an article I recently wrote. Thanks for your question. I hope this helped.
Much success,

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Dirk McFergus Sighting in Post Falls, Id. Storage Auction

Dirk McFergus was spotted today at State Line Storage in Post Falls, ID. It was a brisk 19 degrees with a light dusting of snow. He had on a hoodie under his Columbia titanium jacket (picked up at a storage auction in Las Vegas) and snow boots (freebies from a friend). A guy with a 2 billion candlepower flashlight fell and most likely fractured his hip. Dirk was silent, apparently just observing the 12 bidders scooping up some junk for cheap. Knowing his style, there weren’t many collectibles but with storage auctions you never know. He was with Sugar and she looked stylish in all black. The couple left early as they apparently weren’t in any mood to be buying junk.

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