Auction Facts

Interesting Storage auction facts:

  • The law requires the storage facility to publish auction details. Most of the time this is done in the public notice part your local newspaper and some times a neighborhood publication or shopper guide. These days there are many auction houses, storage auctions, and most auctions publish the details in easy to find areas on the web. Because more people equals more money.
  • The auctioneer receives a cut of the winning bid, so he wants ton of people to show up. 😉 – Some storage places will not hire a auctioneer and the auction will be held by the facility manger or owner.
  • You are not allowed to touch or examine any of the content inside the storage units. You will bid on anything you can see from the door.
  • I have won storage auctions in multiple cities, and it seems like Las Vegas storage units are little more depleted for good valuable items. Because of the gambling life style, people tend to pawn valuable items for needed cash rather than store them; and use storage units to store their belongings to keep cost low when returning to home. Still, while there are fewer valuable items, there are a ton more units up for auction. If you’ve got the stamina to sort through them, you can make a nice buck off of the storage auctions in Las Vegas.
  • When you win a storage closet, you win everything inside. (Cars, motorcycles, human remains, anything that can fit inside the door.) To see more crazy things you will find click here
  • Best dollar for dollar investment ever I have made at a storage auction was a unit I bought for $12.00. It contained 3 bags of clothes and some shoes piled on top. I made about $1,200.00 off this unit.
  • Here are some of the goodies I’ve landed, so you can get an idea of what you might find if you ever buy a storage unit. Click here to see all the interesting things I pulled out of a storage unit
  • Look for units with clean boxes.
  • Call first, sometimes the people pay. They have unto the time of the auction to make a deal.
  • Bring cash. You can not pay for your winnings with checks, credit cards or with lines of credit.