For Sale – 2005 Mike McGill – Powell Peralta

2005 Mike McGill re-issue and signed *signatures not by McGill, in 2 places. I don’t know the names *you can see the 2 signatures on the bottom of the deck in the pictures, Indy trucks, 97mm og bones wheels. bearings VERY good. *no chips or heavy scars to the deck.

$100 + $12.50 shipping. *Shipping with tracking number 3-4 business days

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The best place to pick items for resale may no longer be in the US, but it maybe closer than you think!

I have found the best flea market on earth! It is truly picker  heaven, you can pick all day make money all night, you can never run out of items to buy! In the USA is has become so popular to buy secondhand for resale that shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers has really driven up the cost on second hand goods market. eBay has supported this in a way, allowing people to touch anything from almost region! In Mexico I have hit the motherload in terms of untapped picking territory here in Tijuana Mexico.  I have the pics to prove it! 1-2 redline Hot Wheels, you can live for 6 months down here. 🙂  Don’t waste your time in Las Americas Premium Outlets. The real deals are still in Tijuana.  

IMG_0234   IMG_0236   IMG_0240 Also you can bring stuff to sell in Tijuana but this info will have it’s own post! So what have I found in Tijuana Mexico? Toys like hotwheels and Star Wars, collectibles, high-end makeup like MAC cosmetics, in Mexico you can find almost anything, you name it’s here! WP_20130913_001 flea markets / swapmeets / garage sales and fun places to pick near and around the US / Mexico boarder like: Zona Norte, Solar, Playas, Rosarito, Ensenada and in and around the boarder area. I am offering 7 day picking guided tour around Tijuana for $1000.00 This cost covers

  • a safe place to stay while in Mexico
  • transportation/gas
  • 7 full days of picking
  • boarder crossing help

Best places to pick in New Mexico [Scott’s Top Picking Spots]

Scott shares his best flea markets and swap meets to pick junk for resale.

Directions to get there: off the 40 just east of Albuquerque about 10 miles. Exit Hy 14 go north about 7 miles to the city of Cedar Crest next to the Triangle Grocery Store. Address 3 East Mountain Trail. Ceder Crest, New Mexico.

To rent a space the cost is $15.00
Call for info: (505) 246-2283

Quit buying storage units!

Yuuup! Everyone is in the business of making a lucrative salary these days. With the success shown on A& E’s hit television show Storage wars, one persons trash has never before been so much of a treasure to the next person. This is also clearly seen on the television show with the wads of cash spotlights throughout many of the episodes.

While, this can be lucrative, it is not always consistent. Often times, the bids go extremely high with no more than a quick look into a piled up unit. This can often times be costly when nothing of value is found in a unit. It is important to remember that these guys have been in this business for quite some time and can see the value of random items within seconds on any particular item. This makes a large difference in their profits. They know what to look for and their profit versus output ratio when bidding, etc.

For someone who is just starting or someone who has been in the business but finds themselves in what some may call a slump, don’t freight you have other options and areas that could be lucrative to your business. Garage sales are the perfect playground for pickers. Not only can your find tons of treasures that are worth something, you don’t have to buy up everything to get those few items of value. This can help your over head cost tremendously.

Let’s take a quick look at what it takes to buy storage units versus garage sale hunting.

With storage units, you have to buy an entire unit; good, bad or ugly. Garage sales, you don’t. You simply find your wanted items and then move on.
Storage unit purchases will require man power. You are talking about a ton of stuff here and some that you may just want to trash. With garage sales, you only walk away with items that you wanted to purchase.

If you decide you do not want anything or only some of the items in the storage unit purchased, you have to find a way to discard all unwanted items. This usually entails a decent expense on the buyers end. He has to pay to have it hauled or a dumpster brought in, loaded and then carried away. A garage sale, you simply walk away with only wanted items.

Items that you do intend to keep from a storage unit have to be hauled as well. This can very well happen at a garage sale too but, you find yourself less pressed for time and man power at garage sales. You may come across some pretty large items at garage sales but, you can better plan or arrange pick up, etc with a home owner; storage units must be cleaned out within a certain amount of time. This means, if you are just beginning in the storage unit auctions, you may not already have a truck. It could get pretty costly to rent one and not know for sure that you will need it. This could eat away your profit.

Again, if you are just starting out or have been in this business for quite some time, garage sales could be a lucrative outlet for your business. Garage sales are also a great place to get an even better deal. Many homeowner’s who host garage sales, rarely know the true value of their merchandise. You could find some great deals that are worth a ton. Family heirlooms that are to some an eye sore but to others they can see the true monetary value in the items. This could help you make a killing on your hunt. Also, for those auctioneers and pickers looking to keep their inventory low, garage sales are perfect. You can just scout the items that you are looking for and walk away. You are not left with materials that you can only hope to sell in the near future. Inventory choices will vary by location of garage sale.

There are many great benefits to your overall cost of operating your business by hunting at garage sales. Weigh your options and analyze your potential costs prior to heading out to auctions, etc; you may just be surprised as to how much money and time you can save shopping at garage sales.

4000 foot warehouse full of furniture for sale!

This Lady is selling a warehouse full of furniture for 25k this is the video tour.

video details:
Selling a lot of furniture, this is over-flow from our showroom in the Las Vegas design center. *see video – This is about one 46 foot semi-truck load. can be seen in Las Vegas. This lot is valued @ $64,000 wholesale Contact the showroom for question or info asking 25k or best offer. phone number 702-683-5724 can be seen in Las Vegas

Storage Auction Texas -guest blogger

I’ve recently watched the show on A& E and it’s very interesting. It’s about auctioneers that travel out to self storage units in the state of Texas to buy out abandoned storage units or units that were not paid for and the items inside are then up for auction.

This is when the show gets interesting because there are many of them that stand out in the show as the characters whom in real life, do this for a living. They have a window of just five minutes when the unit is open to look and figure out if the unit is worth biding for, and all sales are final. They also have to pay cash for the unit on site.

The biding gets grueling at times between the cast of the show. They’re all looking for that “good finding” which can be any valuables that are in the units and can even sometimes double or even triple the amount they bought the unit for. Its more like a treasure hunt, sometimes you can find collector’s items like, baseball memorabilia, swords, jewelry, paintings, art, vintage posters, boats, cars, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

The show gives you an insight to understanding that you have to have a knack for what you’re biding and buying. It’s more like a gamble because sometimes you may end up buying a unit which they pay hundreds of dollars trying to out bid the other person, only to get it and end up with just left garbage in a unit.

Bidders in this show have what it takes to find some good units at times and sometimes they bust, which makes the show interesting. You can also see what will they stumble upon when they spend their money purchasing a self storage unit, that no one knows what’s in it.

Storage Wars of Texas also has a comedic side to it. This is due to the cast with different attitudes and some flamboyant characters who although are rivals when biding, still have a somewhat kind of “versus friendship” trying to see who will come on top on each bidding.

There’s Ricky & Bubba, two big country boys who are surely at every auction looking for good findings and a hilarious team to watch with their “git’er done!” and redneck-ish attitudes.

Lesa & Jerry. Lesa loves to challenge the boys and is not scared to outbid the big boys hopefully with out giving her side kick a heart attack by spending too much money, She also wants to keep everything for her own shop or herself, instead of selling it and making a profit.

Moe, who use to be some kind of doctor. He is like the weird clown of them all, with his apparel and strange love for wood. If there’s furniture and it’s made out of wood he is all in it to win it. He is fun to watch also.

Then there is Victor whom likes to immediately intimidate the others with his biddings. Trying to buy out as many units as he can for his own, he will battle with anyone who stands in his way.

This show will keep you tuned in every week to see what they will come across in a unit next. The treasures are amazing and worth the battles which makes the show’s name Storage Wars.

Setting your storage auction goods on eBay

As many of you who may follow my blog already know, I used to sell on eBay. I made a living from doing so for close to 10 years. In the blog, I will discuss some of the pros and cons of what many seem to think is a business of quick money. Sure, it could have been years ago but today, things are a bit different. I want to discuss a few key points and facts regarding eBay from the seller’s (my own) prospective.

Cutting into your profit

EBay is hands down one of the largest auction websites. As a matter-of-fact, more than half of the US uses it; plus some other countries I can’t even pronounce, but you get my point. As times and demands have changed, I feel eBay wanted a bigger cut of the action. By wanting a bigger piece of that action, they started charging sellers more on each sale. But when this happened it made it much harder to sell for a profit. So all-the-while, eBay is raking in the cash for my products and getting next to nothing in terms of profit. That may be acceptable to some but, certainly not me.

eBay recuses the post office

In my own delusional theory, I fully believe eBay single handedly saved the post office’s ass. As people were more and more people were find the post office useless, eBay turned it all around for them. Shipping in unbelievable volumes, thanks to their sellers. One thing that eBay has over looked is the fact that it takes sellers to keep eBay alive. Yep, you guessed it, these are the very people that eBay has turned their back on. Buyers don’t feel a bit of this pain, not saying they should but this is all left on the shoulders of a seller; whom yep you guessed it right again, keeps eBay in business. I look around eBay and I am not sure I like what I see. A lot of the organic sellers seem to be gone, the people that really define what eBay is. I can’t say that I blame neither them nor myself. It’s strictly a smart business decision on our part. Anyone in business for themselves is clearly doing just that to make a profit.

Scott’s best tip

The best tip I can offer is to find a product with little to no competition. Not as easy as it sounds, I know. Unfortunately, there are so many people out to make a quick buck these days that it is nearly impossible to sell anything. A saturated market will not help your odds. You need to think outside of the box.

Scott quits eBay

About 2 years ago, I quit eBay because in my opinion, it has really gone downhill, or as I like to put it, “it has jumped the shark”. The costs have risen and support has suffered democratically. Well we can’t forget the obvious; we also know that eBay wants a bigger piece of the action! A friend of mine, Jeff, started selling on eBay about a year ago with some good results over-all. BUT, I can’t stop thinking about when I sold on eBay, and how much it’s changed.

I have quit eBay, the reason I came back is, I came across a few items that I think would go well on eBay, and when I mean a few, I do mean it, (I have sold less than 10 things). I will never go on the same way I once did, the price is just too high. But, I wanted to test it! When you sell something, and you add up the cost, you can see for yourself. Think about the stuff like, shipping supply’s, gas to the post office, it really adds up, and to be honest it feels like everyone has their handout. One item I sold for $10.00, I had to pay to ship, that should never happen. Where in the hell if my profit from that? I actually think I spent money to list and ship this item. Could you afford to do this on a regular basis?

If you are looking at making money off the web, eBay is really now, a side step.

Stuff I sold on eBay

(*I found some niche markets for products that inventory was easy to come by, cheap and had a reasonably high demand.)

· R/C airplanes – I went to airplane auctions I picked up some great items for cheap, I made some auction purchases with ROI of about 13 dollars for every dollar spent. It was dicey; you never knew what you would find.

· The pawn shop – I went partners with an owner of a pawnshop, getting 35% of the total sale. I moved some hard to find items, but I had a hard time making money. Then he was getting greedy and wanted to change the deal. Over all, it was a push.

· Storage auctions goods – This really was the best deal, simple because you get a verity of items from storage units, it was very juicy, and I was always finding new niche markets.

· 50,000 baseball cards- I once found 50,000 baseball cards in a storage unit, my first reaction was this has to be worth some money! I paid to ship it, loll!

Selling on eBay was a very interesting experience. My feedback number is 468, at a 100%, I can’t confirm any real profits, and one-thing is for sure eBay made some really good money off me!

Currently, I am selling a few of my websites; I just have too many websites! So I am down-sizing a bit. I’ve recently sold three networks of forty websites (I went little nuts a year ago; I had almost 100 websites at one time.) Not’ an easy thing to do. I got what some may call ADD of websites.

The number one question I get asked, is there still a living on eBay?

That is a good question; I think so, only problem is, the many doors of opportunity seem to be open for a short time. From time to time, I stumble over niche that may be worth a few dollars although, it is short lived.

Recently, a massive exodus of power-sellers left eBay over rising fees.

Check out what I am selling on eBay these days.

How to Make an Extra $200-$300 per Month with your Ebay Account

If you’re already selling on eBay or thinking about selling on eBay, with very little effort on your part, you can easily make an extra $200-$300 or more per month by this method. If you’re like most people, you have hundreds or thousands of books, video games, CD’s and DVD’s that are just collecting dust in your house. Of course you could just list them on ebay but that would mean listing fees and significant effort on your part. Consider selling them on – an eBay marketplace for books, cd’s, video games, dvd’s and books. If you already have an eBay account, you automatically have a account. Go to the website, and click on sell my stuff. You’ll have to fill out some information but it’s easy and free.

Here’s the best reasons to use half instead of ebay.
1. No listing fees.
2. Half collects the money and direct deposits to your bank account bi-weekly.
3. No photographs necessary – you input the barcode information and it supplies all information necessary except for quality.
4. Shipping cost is paid by buyer and all items are considered “media mail”.
5. Buyers leave you feedback which helps your eBay account.
6. Half supplies you with sales data regarding how much any item sells for within its market – so pricing is easy.
7. Buyers post items they want so you can sell immediately.
8. You get an email telling you an item is sold and click and print a label right from your email and place in your outgoing mail.

Your biggest expenditure of time and effort is initially in listing your catalog of items. You can manually type the UPC code which is on every book, cd, dvd and video game or, to save time you can scan the barcode. I recommend you get an inexpensive barcode scanner like we use in our business:

You will start getting emails immediately that items sell. Simply print a label and have some bubble mailers from Uline to stick the items in and they’re off and your ebay feedback will start to quickly escalate (which translates to better sales on your regular ebay items – power seller status – bigger final value fee discounts and all the benefits of colored stars – yay!).

To keep the ball rolling and increase your sales potential, look on craigslist, garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets for cheap books, dvd’s cd’s and video games to list. If you’re buying storage auctions like I have consistently suggested you probably have a garage full of these items already. You’ll make 4 to 5 times the amount per sale from transactions than at your garage sale or flea market and shipping is easier than making pie. The barcode scanner will save you a massive amount of time because half will allow you to enter multiple items and it’s as easy as clicking a button to list 20 items at a time.

The big ticket items on half are textbooks. You can find them at thrift stores for $1-$2 and sell them on half for just under the msrp. Students are clued in to half and would rather pay a half seller than the campus used bookstore.

If you’re all about making money – and why would you be reading here if you’re not – check out the opportunity to make more with less effort on

An excerpt from the kindle book Winning Storage Auction Strategies, by Dirk and Susan McFergus:

An excerpt from the kindle book Winning Storage Auction Strategies, by Dirk and Susan McFergus:

The Phantom Bidder
I was attending every auction that summer and without fail, Pig was there outbidding me on every unit.  I noticed that he only seemed interested in the units I was bidding on.  I had passed on hundreds of units and when I found one I wanted, Pig was determined to outbid me at any cost and it frustrated me to no end.  After a couple weeks of this situation, I came up with an idea.  It was possible, I thought that it didn’t have anything to do with me but there was only one way to find out.  I had to make him think I wasn’t bidding.  My solution was fairly simple.  I invited a friend to attend the auctions to bid for me.  The catch was we couldn’t speak at the auctions and for all intents and purposes had to appear as if we were complete strangers.  My friend was willing and the next auction we arrived in different cars and didn’t even make eye contact while at the auction.  I had given him $3000 in cash to bid with and when I found a unit I wanted, I texted him my highest bid.  To my surprise, Pig acted completely indifferent to the unit and I got it well under what I had been paying in previous weeks.  My phantom bidder put the lock on the unit, paid the bill and handed me the key.  Sometimes in the storage auction business, you have to overcome certain obstacles and the Phantom Bidder is just one way to keep an appearance of being uninterested.