Storage Auction – The Other Side of the Story

From time-to-time I will have articles written for my website, and I think this one is very special. It-just-so-happens… My Writer had lost her stuff  in storage and it was auctioned.

I would like to present her story:

Allen Watts spoke many years ago, so many in fact that most people have no idea who I am talking about which is truly a shame as  Allen’s message is as true today as it was in the 1950’s, but  Allen has the curse of being old news and American culture has no use for old news.  Allen spoke about the cookie, that fabled moment in life where everything is alright, life is as it should be and we have acquired everything necessary to achieve happiness.  The trick is that there is no cookie, no magic moment where the stars align and peace falls over the earth.   The result?  Generation after generation of restless, unsatisfied people that expect something from the world as though as it was their right, not something that comes as a result of hard work or unselfish kindness.

The economy is falling apart; too many American’s have no work and no way of paying the bills or meeting the social expectations set forward by our media saturated society.  Without money or possessions we are nothing.  A series of disturbing trends have begun with the evolution of reality TV, Storage Wars is only one of many, but at the top of the list today because Storage Wars has the added benefit of being “new” and quite possibly “improved”.  The show follows people, just normal average everyday people who have achieved success by profiting from the failings of others.

Auctions are not new, there are many who have survived in the business for many years, buying and selling and buying and selling.  But today, what was once a normal and predictable world has been invaded by the blind masses, normal average everyday people who gather early on a week day to get that quick peek inside the darkened storage room and hope to win the bidding war, the last great modern battlefield.

The process is quite simple and direct, no one gets a look into that mysterious room, save for what is visible from their vantage point and the bidding begins immediately thereafter and ends within seconds.   Bidders have formed something of a secret society, they share a common goal.  The goal is to get as much as you can for as little as you can and hide those findings from everyone, from other bidders, from the owners of the storage unit and most importantly, the forgotten person standing in the back, watching their possessions disappear before their very eyes.  Absorbed by other people who care nothing for the person taking a loss in this situation, people who care only about the mysterious cookie that may or may not be hiding under that fascinating tarp.

I have been victim to that very thing.  My roommate and I changed locations in LA and our new, smaller living conditions couldn’t hold all of our exquiste crap.  So we left many essentials in the storage unit.  Then things got tough, and tougher still and we were unable to make our payment (it goes without saying that storage units in LA are no cheap thing to maintain) and before we knew it, the letter came but it was too late.  I lost a lifetime of Christmas decorations, precious pictures, winter clothes, a guitar and the dummy guide book I bought to go with it, .  My roommate  lost his entire collection of Marylin Monroe wine bottles, glasses and other collectables that he been building up for years, things we both treasured and those things probably brought no satisfaction to the person who bought our unit.  We did not attend the auction that day, there was nothing we could do to stop what was happening and watching would have been far too difficult.  It is  also a reality that we brought it on ourselves, there is no one else to blame.  We couldn’t pay the bill, we should have taken steps to remove our things and come up with a better solution.  At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own situations and responsible for protecting ourselves from the dangers of the world.

So recognizing that we all share in the responsibility and we all share an itch, a restlessness and dissatisfaction, let’s scratch that itch.  The storage auction battlefield is alive and well in your local community for anyone who would be interested in checking it out, bidding and taking part of the spoils of buried treasure.  It is true that most American’s have some form of gold, literally gold, even if they don’t realize it.  This is just one example of the possibilities hidden in those dusty boxes and underneath dusty tarps.  Possible cookies that call our name in the night and ruin our rest. — little outside Denver.

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