A storage auction setup

The dreaded “setup” or staging of a unit.

The “setup” is when a storage company or auction house will more-or-less stuff a bunch of shit, from stuff laying around, or combine some smaller units and auction it off. In a few cases over the years, I got paid $100.00 bucks to haul off units.

Yes this sucks for the people at the auction! How does a setup go-down? Maybe the storage company has some left over units with some junk they are unable to get-rid-of, so they will just slap the junk they have laying around in a open storage unit and just auction it off!

Fun Story: I had a large truck and when units went unsold or they just had a few things left behind. I would tell the manger at the storage facility, that I will remove all his unwanted items or units for a fee and haul it all to the dump. One time I was at the storage auction an about 3 units went unsold. I over-heard the manger telling the auctioneer that he had to get rid of a bunch of stuff, because garbage was really piling-up. So I offered my services, and he said ok. I removed about 5 units of junk, we kind-of hit it-off and we where talking about how he had been removing stuff from the units and getting a real stockpile of goodies. To be honest, after buying a few storage units myself, it was disturbing to even hear this come out of him mouth. Trust me, you never want to be bidding on a unit that, the “good stuff” has been removed.

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  1. Your article is garbage. Your grammar does not lead me to believe you drive a large truck and move units out, you didn’t even keep track of how many units you were moving out in your own article, and you expect us to believe the Owner of the facility is going to admit stealing from units to a stranger, which is a felony.

    And since you are such an upstanding person, you reported his admitted theft to the police…. right?

    Please. Do something more productive with your time than making up stories on the web.

  2. I have been buying storage bins since 1990, back then I could get full bins for under $200, now forget it. Also I have been seeing a lot more where the owners are picking through them, they are easy to spot. When times are tough, people scam

  3. Maybe it is time to setup the storage facilities and auctioneers. If you know what is in the unit before hand and just see if it has been touched when the auction begins. It may cost a little bit to do, but it may save alot in the long run. Time to call these people out.

  4. Some of the responses are b.s.

    When a unit is auctioned off, when the buyer leaves behind stuff, its owned by the facility…not the original owner of the unit or the auciton buyer.

    I know, my dad was a storage unit owner for 50+ years and atimes a auctioneer.

    Yes, there often combined units of the junk, and it still up to the buyer for auctioning off.

    MY dad would often instead put remaining junk that might still be sellable in his own store whcih was right in front of the storage units.

    I realize the above comments are old… but they are at least in part wrong.

  5. But one should verify what is a combined unit and not a original bin.

    My own dad would advise this was combined unit, and often would not get good $ per that.

    Which is why most items left behind were put in his store…or simply hauled off..

    He did his own hauling off and it was always trash hauling.. never once did he have stuff for someone else to haul off.

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