Scott’s tips for storage units to avoid

You will find that you can see many items in plain sight, standing at the door of the unit before you bid. I use this as my personal guide for buying storage units, or in this case, ones I want to stay away from. When these items are present my return on investment or my (ROI) seems to be much lower. Look for clues of what might be inside!

  • Mirrors with pictures on them (like what you might see from the traveling Carnival)
  • The same thing goes for pictures on blankets.
  • Clothes thrown in trash bags. (this means a quick exit)
  • Don’t get hung-up on flat screens and computer parts. These kind of items can be damaged and are hard to sell for a good return.
  • Excessive trash

Tip: Know the cost to dispose trash. There is nothing worse then buying a storage unit full of trash and then having to pay to dispose of it.

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