I am not sure of the exact number of storage units I purchased at auction over the time I did this, but this is about 20% of the stuff we won at storage auctions and sold over the web with services like eBay and Craigslist.

You can also check out my eBay account, I am a 100%  real storage auction guru!

Interesting detail – What is the most interesting thing about buying all these units.

I was just thinking while I was writing this – of all the items I have won from the storage units, looking around my house, I still have and even use on a daily basis, many things I have gotten out of storage unit. And it’s been nearly 5 years since buying my last unit.

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  1. hello ive got a good retail location that is empty do you think its good to have this area for this business or should i go just off of online sales?

  2. i would like to know where to look for the future auctions. Do u have a particular place u look

  3. It’s interesting to come upon your site. I just saw this TV show last night, I think it was called “Storage Wars,” and they basically go to storage auctions, have 5 minutes to look into a storage unit that someone has stopped paying for, they can’t touch anything or go in, and after 5 minutes they start bidding. It’s really interesting the things people would leave in their storage units and you can get a lot of profit or even keep what other people considered “junk.”

  4. WOW! It is amazing what you can find in a storage shed! We have them all over our town on basically every corner. I will have to begin checking them out to see what kind of deals I can find!

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