My overseas contact for flea market merchandise.

One of the best contacts you can make in the resale business is overseas wholesalers. products from overseas are very popular with swap meet / flee market seller.  What is most important – is finding a trusted contact, this will save you money. Products from overseas are high quality and most importantly at a price that can be resold.

Many people into reselling are looking for items they can resale from: China, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines

DSC09387_CopyNorm is a contact of mine originally from Canada but currently living in Thailand, and sells on eBay. Norm is a trusted overseas contact, he has +500, 100% positive feedback on eBay plus Norm has been a friend of mine for over 10 years.

Aome general rates for a half of container is about $4000.00 and 10 kilo box cost about $160.00 to ship to the USA

Norm’s Skype ID: normanledoyen

Norm also sells on eBay, this is his eBay account:


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