I started this blog to share my storage auction buying experience with anyone willing to read. I purchased storage units while living in Las Vegas for about 18 months. I got turned on to buying storage units at auction from a friend named Tommy about 12 years ago. I have no idea how much money I made, this is my story.

Currently – I am no longer am buying storage units at auction. I am just doing my best to write about the experience.

I am not sure how I feel from the experience of buying storage units at auction, but I can say, to this day, I really hate moving stuff!

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  1. Hi Scott can you tell me if there are any specific websites that list dates times and locations on storage auctions in Las Vegas? We want to attend a auction but I’m not sure how to find them all. Also how early do you arrive at a auction to get registered to bid?

  2. I have a friend that is in really poor health and has over 6 rooms filled with all sorts of old and unique stuff that is wanting help with selling all of it. We live in Northern Kentucky and I was wondering if you might know someone trustworthy willing to help him out. He is willing to give up to 40% of what it brings.

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